Big announcements from our Three Trimester Triathlete Blogger!

Finding out the gender of my baby was as equally important to me as actually finding out I was pregnant. And finally, we know: it’s a boy! For me, finding out the gender wasn’t about knowing what color to paint the nursery. And it wasn’t so I could go shopping and avoid buying gender-neutral outfits. For me, finding out the gender is about being able to fill in at least one tiny piece of the puzzle that is this little miracle. This information gives me just one precious fact about this life, and it puts a little clarity to the hundreds of dreams I’ll have prior to our meeting.

Although I had a very strong feeling it might be a boy, I didn’t have a preference. I knew a girl might mean a lifelong sister-friend for Charlee. But I am always curious about what a boy version of me would be like. Either way, it was a win-win situation.

That being said, I am incredibley overjoyed and excited that Scott and I will welcome a baby boy into our family! There is never a more clear or defining moment for me as a mother, then when I learn this information. In both instances, I have this overwhelming feeling of certainty. Like life should be no other way. I will never forget this feeling.

Along with that excited news, I am also three days away from entering into my second trimester. With this transition comes some relief to my constant nausea. Thank goodness! Although the nausea is so horribly debilitating, I always say that I will gladly deal with it if it means my growing baby is thriving. He can suck the life out of me if it’s helping him! Typical mom mentality, I guess.

My appetite has decreased some and I no longer feel like death if I am not eating on the hour, every hour. Phew! I even have the energy to cook.

On another positive note, my newfound shoulder and neck acne are subsiding! (Isn’t pregnancy beautiful?) And even though there are still some remnants of it, my lingering neck zits are clearly overshadowed by the growth of my third nipple. No, I am not lying. I also had this science experiment pop up during my first pregnancy. No pun intended. Don’t be too alarmed; it really just looks like yet another little zit but it’s unattractive, non-the less.

12 weeks into my pregnancy!

I am still waking up 3-4 times a night to use the bathroom. But that’s ok. Due to the insomnia brought on by pregnancy I am usually up anyway.

After my first couple of doctor’s appointments I am reminded of my least favorite part of pregnancy….the dreaded (and often times jaw-dropping) weigh in. Naturally, due to eating my body weight in food everyday, my weight has skyrocketed. But being the “glass is half full” kinda girl that I am, I am trying to focus on the positive. In this situation it’s my boobs. They’re big and they look fantastic!

As I feel exponentially better each day, I see some form of exercise in my near future. The thought of exercise no longer makes my stomach turn and in fact, it kind of excites me. I hope before long I am going for walks on the beach and attempting some prenatal yoga.

Again, I am beyond excited to know we are having a baby boy, as he’ll even the gender playing field in our house. But more then anything, I am glad I am feeling better so I can play with my beautiful daughter and return to being a wife and a friend to my husband.

ironman may 2013

Scott and I in May 2013 after the Ironman.