We have passed the halfway mark friends! If you are training for a fall race you are probably at, or around, the halfway mark in your training. Way to go! Little scary, but the fun is just getting started. If you aren’t currently training, maybe you are thinking about winter/spring races, which is the best time to race in Florida!

My last week was a little lower in mileage. I really pushed myself the week before and was definitely feeling it in my legs. I have embraced the face that I am not going to be able to run every scheduled workout both schedule-wise and leg/Achilles-wise. In that acceptance, I have really enjoyed and pushed myself in every workout I do. It also makes me super grateful for every step of every run.

One of my very favorite aspects of training (especially on those long runs) is running with others. Before a few years ago, I only ran solo. Since that time, running with friends, my husband, and running groups has made an incredible difference in both my enjoyment and race times. If you know me at all, you know that my husband and I love to run together- he even proposed on a run! We bonded during runs and have trained for countless half marathons and 2 full marathons. A long run is good quality time. He pushes me to run harder and train better. I have consistently run faster times with him by my side. We motivate each other to be the best possible and success is so much sweeter to share with someone else.

Although there are many positives to training together, it is not always an easy feat. Sometimes dealing with another person training is difficult. Sometimes I am difficult.  He is faster than I am and I feel bad if I hold him back. If we agreed to run together and he decides to run ahead, I have been known to get crabby.  When one of us is having a bad run, it can certainly have a negative affect on the other’s workout. Occasionally you become almost dependent on always having someone to run with you and forget the peace that comes with a perfect, silent run.

If you love those quiet solo runs but are considering running with someone else or a group, there are a few good things to establish before you start training together. If you are going to run together, then run together the entire run. Or make sure it is understood that both people are ok with the other running ahead. Agree on the pace and distance before heading out. Be supportive and courteous of each other. We all love having someone to support us and helping another runner achieve their goals feels pretty amazing. Best advice is to mix group runs and solo runs into your training. Don’t fall into the trap of relying solely on another other person or group for motivation. The only one who can get you to the finish line is yourself!

How do you typically train? Solo? Good friend? Significant other? Not-so-significant other? Group? Let’s hear about you!

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