When considering the right gym to frequent or competition to attend, flooring does not typically factor into that decision…until the flooring is subpar and then it becomes very important.  When flooring rips or buckles it creates a large safety issue, and as a very expensive investment, it’s important to choose a material that is both going to protect athletes and provide them a safe area to perform their best.  

For 28 years, right in Miami Florida, Specialized Flooring has been doing just that, providing gyms and fitness facilities with the highest quality flooring and rubber products, with high standards in both quality and customer service.  The company also has a wide variety of equipment, sports surfacing, and a variety of recycled rubber products.  

Specialized are also the official flooring sponsor of the Florida Grid League, providing Gridders a safe, professional surface to play upon.   Says Commissioner Mather Wiswall “as soon as we started talking to Specialized Fitness Resources we knew they were a great fit to partner with for our flooring.  The field of play is the single most important aspect of our sport, and we needed to find someone trustworthy to provide the playing surface that lives up to our high standards, and the expectations our teams have for us.”   He goes on to say he loves to use Florida based companies whenever can, which added to the decision.  

Partnering with the new sport shows how forward-thinking the company is as well.  Specialized owner Ozzie Lopez says “We see GRID as a new and exciting sport that is really a combination of so many aspects of fitness that we work with every day. Weightlifting, gymnastics, strongman… we love them all and work with them all so its the perfect sport to partner with.”  The company also added equipment such as bumper plates, kettlebells and wall balls to their wide selection when they saw the rise of the functional fitness phenomenon.  

Whether you’re a gym, dance studio, aerobics teacher or garage gym enthusiast, flooring is important to the success of your business – Specialized cares immensely about their product, your business, and the success of the fitness industry.