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Here at Fit Nation we push to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest and greatest in the world of fitness. That’s why, when we heard about the sport of GRID, we knew we had to get our readers involved.

GRID is a brand new team sport that incorporates classic movements from traditional fitness training like weightlifting and gymnastics. The variety of movement types requires different sets of skills, allowing athletes to to have specific roles or positions The sport is formated in easy to follow head to head races that are extremely exciting. Arguably the best part about GRID is that women and men compete alongside one another on the same teams, something you probably haven’t seen since your 3rd grade gym class.

GRID was developed in 2014 at the professional level as the National Pro Grid League and has gained popularity at the amateur level as well.  Lucky for us, there’s now an amateur Florida Grid League, so you can get in on the fun right here, in your home state.

When Fit Nation first heard of this organization, we knew we had to jump on board with this awesome, fun and competitive sport. We partnered with the Florida Grid League to present the first ever, GRID 6 series event at the CT Power Fit Expo in  North Fort Myers, August 6 -7 2016. 

This event will be a unique opportunity to come together with like minded individuals from across the fitness spectrum and enjoy two days packed with thrilling competition, spectating, learning, shopping, food and loads of fun.

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