Sled Hockey Player Matt Martin

Saying that Matt Martin is an elite athlete truly falls short of describing all that he has accomplished. Ten years ago, Martin was in a car accident that broke his lower back and left him without the use of his legs.

Thanksgiving Race: Tale of Two Turkeys

This year the Thanksgiving race day drama isn’t being provided by your crazy aunt Pam and her slew of ex-husbands. Nor is it coming from your in-laws. Believe it or not, it’s being brought to you courtesy of yo...

Fastest Thing on Two Heels

The Stiletto Sprint is approaching, here's how to sprint in style Next week, hundreds of stiletto-clad feet will rush down Third Street South in a sea of blazing pink glory. No, it’s not a mega-sale at Sak’s. ...

Ask the Swim Coach: Perfecting Freestyle Form

Question: How deep in the water should my head be while swimming freestyle? Should it be partially submerged or mostly submerged? Answer: Your head, though heavy is very buoyant. When swimming, your head posit...

This Bites!

While living in Florida has a ton of perks—say, running in shorts in December—there is one thing that sucks. Like, literally sucks. Mosquitos. And while the little bloodthirsty critters are annoying, that’s not...