Get Your Best Bikini Body With This Glute Workout

Get shapely, toned buns with this seriously glute-focused workout. Beach weather is year-round in Southwest Florida, which means it’s time to dust off that bikini and shape up your booty with this butt workout for the best bikini body. To make your backside the best it can be, you need to give it some extra love […]

What’s In The Bag? Top 5 Mud Run Must-Haves

Known for his impressive mud run finishes and colorful personality, Team MudRunFun member Morgan Wright shows us how he makes running fun—and practical. “Whatever you do, find something fun about it!” That’s local mud runner Morgan Wright’s motto in sports and in life, and as someone whose post-race routine includes sporting a moose hat and kilt […]

Manual Treadmill Could Be What You Need

Can going unplugged give you a better workout? We take a look at manual treadmills and their place in the fitness community. No matter how you feel about the garden-variety gym treadmill (sentiment often ranges all the way from abject loathing to abiding love), there’s no denying its popularity as one of the primary go-to […]

Yoga for Hip and Shoulder Mobility

Even the most die-hard athletes could use a little “om” in their training regimens. Ruby & Pearls Yoga Studio co-owner Heather Holland outlines a few essential hip openers to help improve flexibility in any sport. Many popular sports and fitness regimens, such as CrossFit, running, and cycling, are full of linear movements. To get an […]

How to Play Nice in a Competitive Relationship

You train together, play together, and build a life together. But when does competition stop being friendly and start becoming harmful to a relationship? Successful athletes can be described in many ways: fiercely determined, driven, competitive, smart, independent, and possessing an inherent love of winning. So what happens when two highly driven, world-class athletes fall […]

Pay Tribute with a 9/11-Inspired Hero WOD

This super-hard, superhero WOD honors all the lives lost in 2001. Hero WODs (workouts of the day) are a cornerstone of CrossFit. Named for members of the military and first responders who died in the line of duty, they are meant to be tough, reflecting the sacrifice these people made for our country. Retired New […]

How to Get Those Arms: Top Fitness Secrets from Madonna’s Trainer

When last month I decided to join FitReserve, a multi-studio fitness membership that had me jumping on trampolines and swinging on monkey bars,  I had one goal, and one goal alone. No, not getting rock hard abs. And nope, not even making it through an hour long HIIT class without collapsing. (Though both of those […]

10 Things Fearless Female Weight Lifters Know

Lifting weights is no walk in the park, but the benefits of this exercise reach far beyond the prototypical muscle tone and strength — and you don’t need to be an Olympic lifter or tote around a tub of protein powder to reap those rewards. So for any potential female weight lifters out there who […]

Beauty and the Bench Press: The Bulking Phase

I’ve got two big items for you all today: 1. I officially had to invest in a Sam’s Club membership because I was buying so much chicken. #buyinginbulk 2. And the most important news: I have an ab-lette!** **ab-lette (n.) – the smallest formation of an abdominal muscle; what you get before you have an […]

How to Stay in Shape After an Injury

So you’ve finally gotten where you want to be as an athlete: you ran that triathlon, biked that mountain, or maybe just finally got to a good place where you can run a couple of trail laps around the park without feeling like the slowest person there. Then, bam. You get a stress fracture in […]