Race Review: Naples Philharmonic Run for Music 10K

For all the hundreds of 5Ks across South Florida, there are only a handful of 10Ks, and only one Run for the Music 10K. Since 2010, Matt Sonneborn, the principal trumpet for the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Gulf Coast Runners have been organizing the Run for the Music to benefit the Naples Phil…

San Juan Ironman 70.3: My first race as a Pro

San Juan 70.3 was my first experience racing as a professional. The pro field was the strongest ever compiled other than the World Championships. Great way to start. If you want to be the best you have to race the best. San Juan was more beautiful than I had imagined. The blue waters and Spanish […]

Seven Mindful Steps to Achievement

Whether you are training for a race, practicing yoga or maintaining your ideal weight, what you think about affects your performance. Here are some tried and true steps to success that will connect your mind with your physical efforts for long lasting results. What do all successful people have in common? EVERY one of them […]