Get Your First Ring Muscle-Up With These Expert Tips

The Muscle-up is one of those magical movements in the CrossFit world — everyone want to get their first. Use these training tips and you’ll get there in no time. When you first start CrossFit there are a few things everyone wants to get their “first” of—pull-up, HSPU, rope climb, and of course the muscle-up. […]

3 WODs With Varying Intensity For Maximum Impact

Stay in balance and train better with three WODs that go from high power to low power output. To keep our bodies in tip-top shape we need heart-pumping, muscle-building training and low-impact cardio. but staying with WODs that stress only one or the either can lead to fatigue, muscle tears, muscle burn and hormonal changes. It also […]

7 Reasons To Sign Up For The 2016 Crossfit Open

If you’re looking for a good reason to sign up for the CrossFit Open this year, we’ve got 7.   The CrossFit Open is upon us!  In this annual worldwide (online) event,  thousands of athletes of every skill level come together to compete  in 5 weekly workouts that test your fitness and your limits. Registration is […]

Why Do We Do It? The Real Purpose Of Training.

While the details of how we do it vary tremendously, the essential purpose of training is universal. Chances are that if you are reading this article you are already an avid fitness junkie. Now I’m not here to judge you, in fact I have been accused of the very same crime myself. Unfortunately it is quite […]

Pay Tribute with a 9/11-Inspired Hero WOD

This super-hard, superhero WOD honors all the lives lost in 2001. Hero WODs (workouts of the day) are a cornerstone of CrossFit. Named for members of the military and first responders who died in the line of duty, they are meant to be tough, reflecting the sacrifice these people made for our country. Retired New […]

Q & A | CrossFit Athletes Talayna Fortunato & Lauren Brooks

For CrossFit Games elite athletes like Southwest Florida’s own Talayna Fortunato and Lauren Brooks, CrossFit is a full-time sport, where living and breathing competitive training is the name of the game. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, you already know that CrossFit has exploded in popularity not just in […]

I Came to be Awesome at Crossfit, Not Skinny

Why the toughest CrossFit women are rarely toothpicks. I’m no toothpick. And I’m not trying to become one by doing CrossFit. I CrossFit because I’m thick but strong, and I like being strong, and in the CrossFit community, being able to lift heavy things is seen as something great. So I fit in. For me, […]