How to Stay in Shape After an Injury

So you’ve finally gotten where you want to be as an athlete: you ran that triathlon, biked that mountain, or maybe just finally got to a good place where you can run a couple of trail laps around the park without feeling like the slowest person there. Then, bam. You get a stress fracture in […]

Preventing Skin Cancer This Summer: What SPF Do You Really Need?

The summer means beach volleyball, backyard cookouts, and soaking up as much sun as possible after a long winter trapped indoors. For many sun lovers, all those sunny poolside afternoons come with the added bonus of a tan. Sure, we’ve all heard that burns are bad and that your SPF number should be somewhere in […]

Fighting the Fog: Surprising Strategies to Prevent Alzheimer’s

Aging is never easy. But the prospect of failing to recognize friends and loved ones is awful. The bad news is that Alzheimer’s is currently affecting the lives of as many as five million Americans, but the good news is that this disease is increasingly preventable—and the prevention strategies can be truly pleasurable. So what plan can we […]