5 Thanksgiving Paleo Healthy Recipes

5 Incredible Healthy Recipes for Turkey Day As a chef I enjoy eating food that is delicious and filling. But as a mom I know the importance of good nutrition and healthy choices; keeping that balance can be difficult especially during the holidays. As an alternative, these Thanksgiving Paleo recipes give me some of the comfort […]

How To Order Healthy Cocktails, And Not Crash Your Diet

With a little knowledge and some planning, you can enjoy healthy cocktails without packing on the pounds. In an effort to maintain balance in a healthy lifestyle, most of us will indulge in occasional cocktails here and there. But more often than not, we choose high-calorie drinks that can easily sabotage our efforts to stay […]

Are berries the ultimate energy superfood?!

Delicious, beautiful, sweet, and simple-berries are as healthful as they are diverse. As a snack, in a fruit salad, or for dessert, simply pick, wash, and eat them to reap the nutritional benefits they have to offer. Recent research has focused…

Tonics and Elixirs: The New Way To Drink Yourself Healthy

Packed with herbs, roots and mushrooms, tonics and elixirs sound like liquid sorcery but are just what the doctor ordered. Cold pressed juices seem beyond reproach, but don’t let those shades of green fool you! These “healthy” drinks are almost always high in sugar and low in healthy fiber. As an alternative, many wellness experts are […]

7 Ways To Beat Sugar Cravings

The average American eats 20 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Ready to wean yourself off the white stuff? Reduce your sugar cravings with these small changes. Most of our current sugar cravings have their roots in our childhood. “Sugar stimulates serotonin the ‘feel good’ hormone that our body makes,” explains nutritionist Michal Hertz. “It sees […]

Dr. Greger Schools Us On The Power Of A Plant-Based Diet

We talked to Dr. Greger about performance-boosting greens, the unexpected value of pizza and staying alive on a plant-based diet, without giving up living. Dr. Michael Greger is a physician and New York Times bestselling author whose website NutritionFacts.org is a treasure trove of the latest nutrition research. He is a tireless advocate for a whole foods, plant-based […]

I Hate You Because I’m Hungry: The Science Behind Being Hangry

My boyfriend needs hanger management. He needs to Google up some classes, find one that fits his schedule, and attend. When he’s hungry, he’s like the people in the Snickers commercials before they eat the candy bar, and he terrifies me. Fortunately, I know he is not alone. I often get angry when I’m hungry […]

3 Ancient Grains That Will Change Your Life

Ancient grains: The best thing since sliced bread? Amaranth, barley, buckwheat, farro, kamut, millet, quinoa, spelt, teff. Sounds like a foreign language, but it’s actually a list of healthy foods that are often referred to as ancient grains. You’ve likely seen them on the grocery store shelf and found yourself wondering, “what the heck are […]

Your Pre-Packaged Energy Bar Is Crap

Swap it for this mostly Paleo Bar made from foods you actually recognize. Every spring I bake my own energy bars for my family’s outdoor adventures. This year however, I opened my old recipe book and realized that my standby bar was not at all Paleo-friendly, full as it was of oats and peanut butter. […]