Try These Homemade Juices For Better Recovery

Homemade juices packed with vitamins and antioxidants will quench your biggest post-workout thirst. Hydrating before, during and especially after you exercise can make all the difference in your body’s ability to recover post-workout. While the electrolytes in sports drinks can help you, the processed sugar they contains can set you back. If you want a […]

July 4th Cocktails That Won’t Dehydrate

This Independence Day, get tipsy without drying yourself out. While liquor is always dehydrating, you can choose cocktails that taste great and actually boost your overall hydration. An adult’s hydration requirement actually doubles during the summer, so you have to pay extra attention in the warmer months. We’ve got some great recipes for hydrating cocktails that […]

All Bottled Up: The Pressures of Juice Processing

From cold press to pasteurization to high-pressure processing, we took a fresh look at the most popular juicing methods and just how good they really are for you. In terms of minor luxuries, is there a more irresistible purchase than a bottle of high-end juice? Juicing is on-trend, and the bright, jewel-like colors of juices […]

Get Your Juice On With Hannah Peterson of Joyful Juicing

Juicing is a trend that only seems to grow in popularity, despite it being a bit controversial, health-wise. We got curious about the juicing process, HPPs, safety, and what makes a true juice-lover tick, so we caught up with Hannah Peterson, local green juice guru and co-founder of Joyful Juicing. Hannah makes delicious, impossibly fresh […]

Should You Get In On The Green Juice Cleanse?

Fit Nation gets the skinny on this increasingly popular diet trend, and why it might not be as healthy as you think. According to a case report published in The American Journal of Medicine earlier this month, catching a ride on the “juice cleanse” bandwagon could lead you straight to a kidney condition. The case […]