6 Reasons Why You Should Add Probiotics to Your Lifestyle

Have you thought about adding probiotics to your diet? You create a good and healthy lifestyle for yourself when you add probiotics to your life. Luckily, probiotics come in many different and delicious foods. Some of those foods include pickles, sauerkraut, Kombucha tea, and yogurt. These foods keep your digestive and immune systems healthy. Here […]

Meditation Techniques to Improve Your Game

Meditation Techniques to Improve Your Game The act of meditation is not reserved for Buddhists, yogis, or priests. It does not require a Zen-like space, absolute silence or stillness. Meditation can happen anywhere. It is simply a state of mind that you constantly create where you are no longer bothered by the chaotic fluctuations of […]

Eating Less Animal Protein May Save Your Life

Editor’s note: At Fit Nation Magazine, we believe in representing all sides of an issue. We do not promote any particular diets or fitness plans, and our authors’ opinions are their own. This is a controversial topic, but I am a strong proponent of giving up meat and dairy and focusing on a more vegan/vegetarian […]

Meatless Monday: Bell Pepper Tempeh Fajitas

Kick off the week sans meat with a Mexican themed dish that is sure to please. Tempeh is marinated in lime juice, soy sauce, cumin, oregano and cayenne pepper. The tempeh is grilled and accompanied by bell peppers and red onions in this Tex-Mex treat, perfect for a quick Meatless Monday meal. This recipe comes […]

Are berries the ultimate energy superfood?!

Delicious, beautiful, sweet, and simple-berries are as healthful as they are diverse. As a snack, in a fruit salad, or for dessert, simply pick, wash, and eat them to reap the nutritional benefits they have to offer. Recent research has focused…

Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoes Review

Fact: I haven’t owned a pair of cycling shoes with laces yet this century. … Okay, so it’s only 2015. But this is the future, after all. I should have shoes that are remote-controlled, that magically leave the garage and find my feet when I clap my hands. Unfortunately, we’re not living the Jetsons’ lifestyle […]

The Surprising Ways Gut Health Affects Your Emotions

A slew of studies point to a strong link between poor gut health and your emotional wellbeing. A healthy gut is not only vital for proper digestion, it’s also incredibly important for our overall wellbeing. In fact, the state of our gut actually effects our emotions in many ways. “The brain and our gut are intrinsically connected and poor gut […]