6 Awesome Virtual Fitness Communities To Help You Stay On Track

Don’t have a workout buddy or a trainer? Consider joining one of these virtual fitness communities instead. If you’re thinking about making a healthy change, from sticking to a more nutritious diet to starting a fitness program, you’ll need support.  These six virtual fitness communities are designed to personalize your workouts, count your calories, and most […]

Dance Fitness Is Life in Motion

Could your fitness routine and overall approach to wellness use some holistic choreography? Let’s dance. As athletes, we know that the lifestyle choices we make directly affect our bodies. Our physical capabilities are determined largely by structure and build, plus diet and conditioning but those aren’t the only things that we actively monitor in order […]

Missed Workouts? Here’s How To Get Back On Track.

always miss a lot of workouts this time of year, and when I do, I start feeling bad about myself. How can I get back on track? Americans are obsessed with diets, training plans and schedules. We are indoctrinated at a young age to follow programs and calendars. Don’t get me wrong, consistency and structure […]

Experts Rethink Science Behind Getting Six Pack Abs

This refined core workout will not only help you get great six pack abs, but it may make you a better athlete, too. Can building a strong core provide any benefits beyond six pack abs? Experts say yes— if you follow the right routine. In fact, the right workout can make athletes stronger and faster, while […]

New Sports Medicine Technologies Promise To Fix You Fast

With sports medicine science on your side you can be back to your old self in no time. Every athlete collects a panoply of problems—the old knee that flares up a couple of times a year, the shoulder that just doesn’t like straightening out any more, the plantar fasciitis that tells you that your warm […]

Your Pre-Packaged Energy Bar Is Crap

Swap it for this mostly Paleo Bar made from foods you actually recognize. Every spring I bake my own energy bars for my family’s outdoor adventures. This year however, I opened my old recipe book and realized that my standby bar was not at all Paleo-friendly, full as it was of oats and peanut butter. […]

7 Vegetarian Snacks to Fuel Your Workout

Boost your energy before you exercise with these healthy, non-meat options. For a vegetarian, combining protein and carbohydrate is the perfect way to keep energy levels up during a grueling workout. The body needs protein to build muscle, and it digests slowly, supplying a steady stream of energy hours after consumption. Complex carbs, such as […]

Three Must-Try Fusion Fitness Classes in SWFL

Bored with the same workout? Feel the burn–and have fun doing it–by combining your favorite fitness classes. Changing up your go-to fitness routine allows you to see faster and better results. But, we get it, it’s hard to let your favorite classes go. Which is why fusion classes—which combine moves from several different fitness disciplines—may just […]

Triathlon’s Fourth Discipline: Recovery

Surprisingly, doing less can actually mean you’re accomplishing more. Many endurance athletes, especially those just starting out, have a “no-pain, no-gain” attitude when it comes to training. I subscribed to this mantra for quite some time. It was engrained into me while playing soccer growing up: The only way to get better at something was […]

I Competed at the Arnold 2014

And I’ll Be Back… I compete in what may be the only sport where you meet your fellow competitors while totally naked in a spray-tanning room. I’m a bikini competitor, and last month I got a chance to participate in our sport’s most prestigious amateur event: The Arnold. Arnold Schwarzenegger got his start in the […]