The Alto CC40: Ahead Of The Competition

Typically, a wheel that tries to do too much ends up not doing much of anything. The exception is the Alto CC40. What do I want in a wheel? Easy.  It needs to be light, stiff, fast, and great in a crosswind.  Oh, and it has to have a soft, comfortable feel. And it has to be […]

Oakley Jawbreakers: Worth The Splurge?

The distinctive and popular Oakley Jawbreakers are seemingly everywhere, but are they worth the hefty price tag? Over the past decade, I’ve only worn two different styles of glasses, both Oakley, both now discontinued. I have hoarded several pairs of each to keep me going, but I also wanted to give the Oakley Jawbreakers a try. […]

GOP Candidates Unite Against Carbon Fiber Bicycles

After instigating a recent road rage incident, GOP Candidate Marco Rubio is proposing new legislation prohibiting carbon fiber bicycles. Other candidates follow suit.   According to Rubio, it all began one sunny Florida day. ” My driver, my publisher, my aesthetician and I were rolling through Miami behind a group of these liberal bikers and although we’d been […]

The Lazer Z1 Helmet Review: Solid And Ponytail Friendly

  With great coverage and a solid fit and feel, the new Lazer Z1 helmet is one you’ll love wearing. Although, be warned: your wife might love it even more.   In March, I crashed head-first at 25 miles per hour and walked away. At the time, I joked that my Lazer helmet died so that […]

Improve Your Posture for a Better Spin Workout

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape on your commute, but anyone who’s ever been to a spin class can attest to the fact that spinning has very little to do with a pleasurable early morning bike ride. Spinning is a great workout, but between the pounding music and the constant changing of positions, […]

Get The Best of Both Worlds: Innovations In Cycling Class Tech

Positive Social Fitness Pressure is a new phenomenon that combines both the mind and body benefits of cycling and a collaborative workout environment. Each individual in the group benefits from the presence and the work of the others involved, creating a powerful motivational network that helps people stay committed and work harder together. Members of these classes […]

Hitting The (Water) Bottle

FOUR ROAD-TESTED WATER BOTTLES You’re not still using single-serving water bottles, are you? Besides being full of BPAs (a chemical that, among other things, leeches harmful estrogen-like chemicals into your body and can mess with your nervous system), single-use water bottles are a nightmare for the environment. In the United States, 17 million barrels of […]

Will Cycling In Southwest Florida Ever Be Safe?

Tempers are at an all-time high, here’s what you need to know when cycling It all started innocently enough. Local photographer and cyclist Erik Kellar was cycling with his usual Tuesday morning group. He’d pulled off to the side of the road to help a fellow rider with a mechanical issue. As the group pulled away, […]

Triathlon’s Fourth Discipline: Recovery

Surprisingly, doing less can actually mean you’re accomplishing more. Many endurance athletes, especially those just starting out, have a “no-pain, no-gain” attitude when it comes to training. I subscribed to this mantra for quite some time. It was engrained into me while playing soccer growing up: The only way to get better at something was […]