Last-Minute Fitness Gifts with GUARANTEED Christmas Delivery

The “Oh, Shoot It’s December 18th and I haven’t Gotten My Girlfriend Anything” Christmas List. Congratulations, you’ve waited until December 18th to buy your Christmas gifts. Good job! But we won’t sell you out. So long as you’re running behind as a result of logging long miles or counting reps at the gym, your secret […]

Gear Review: Reynolds Aero 46, 58, 72 and 90 Bicycle Wheels

What: Reynolds Cycling offers super aerodynamic carbon fiber bicycle wheels for every day and race day use. Available in four depths: 46mm, 58mm, 72mm and 90mm. Who: EVERYONE can benefit from a more aerodynamic wheel; even runners who are traveling at far slower speeds than cyclists use aerodynamics on the track. Your choice in depth […]

Sitero Expert Triathlon-Spefic Saddle Review

Buy THIS Before Your Next Tri Attention all triathletes! Want to improve the cycling portion of your next race? Try Specialized’s only triathlon-specific saddle, the Sitero Expert. Specialized spent two years developing the Sitero, and the time shows. It’s lightweight and well-engineered, with a comfort level that’s appealingly high. Handlebars, saddles and shoes are more […]

The Dangerous New Crossfit App

Apparently you can now download a Crossfit App to your phone. Introducing: WOD Unboxed, On paper, this must surely seem like a good idea. You can type in the length of your training cycle, the equipment you have available, what day you want to train on, your exercise priorities, and how long you have to […]