Review: Motion Geek Video Analysis

The nerdiest (and maybe most strategic) way to improve your running. Motion Geek Video Analysis offers a full-body analysis of your running form, and suggests exercises, drills, and even shoes to help improve your exercise regimen. The requirements for the service are relatively easy: register with the site, create six videos on your phone, upload them, […]

New Wearable Technology Saves Your Life

A new breakthrough in wearable technology from MC10 allows athletes to better monitor biofeedback — even alerting them to potential trauma. As athletes, we know our bodies are capable of extraordinary things. In our quest to excel and compete, we train harder and longer, pushing our paces and refusing to acknowledge the telltale signs of […]

Dragon Fruit Smoothie Recipe

Pitaya (also known as dragon fruit) has innumerable health benefits: it’s rich in antioxidants and magnesium, as well as being packed with powerful C and B vitamins. It’s also filled with active enzymes, helps neutralize free radicals, aid in digestion, and boost energy and immunity. Dragon fruit smoothies are a great way to enjoy this gorgeous, hot […]

Can Raw Food Actually Be Delicious?

We investigate raw food dining spot The Cider Press Café. It’s hot. It’s humid. It’s officially summer in Southwest Florida. Which means the thought of eating something hot makes me feel like I’ll melt. Unfortunately, a girl can’t live on salads and popsicles alone. The solution? A little slice of heaven: A creamy cool slice […]

Seven Active Southwest Florida Day Trips

No need to pack your bags and head to the airport to find fun and adventure. There are tons of active things to do in SW Florida! Sure, follow enough world-travelers on Instagram and you’re almost guaranteed a bad case of wanderlust. But do we really need to travel that far to have a good […]

Healthy Menu Navigator: Dinner in SWFL

Stick to your diet even if you’re dining out with these simple do’s and don’ts. While it may be tempting to order an entrée that looks and smells worth all the calories, there is always a healthier (and equally satisfying) choice. Here, Lori Kupferman, R.D., owner of May I Health You in South Florida, suggests […]

The Restaurant Where Fit Food is Always In Season

A Table Apart in Bonita Springs is all about fresh, sustainable seafood. Savory and fresh fare are abundant at local eatery A Table Apart, nestled along Bonita Beach Road in Bonita Springs. Owner and Chef Jeff Acol serves up Hawaiian fusion flavors that use local ingredients along with intriguing Asian flavors such as wasabi and […]

What’s The Deal With Those Vibration Machines at Gyms?

Can you really shake yourself fit? FN Investigates From the Shake Weight to the Free-Flexor, Americans seem to have a bad case of shake-it-until-you-shape-it syndrome. Which, of course, only has one symptom: believing if you shake something enough, fat will magically melt away. The latest vibration training craze to arrive in Southwest Florida is the […]

If you want to be a better, faster cyclist, you need the right gear

The best way to catch up with Tish Kelly is when she’s on solid ground. Try and catch the category 3 cyclist on a ride and you’ll likely be left sucking wind. Kelly, who races in both road races and time trials, was third overall in the Florida