Quinoa Recipe – Let’s Make Pudding

A quinoa recipe that’s delicious, tastes amazing, and EASY to make. Quinoa, a high-protein grain native to South America can be found in most health food. This quinoa recipe represents a tapioca texture, but with fantastic nutritional benefits! 2/3 C Quinoa, uncooked 2 C skim Milk 2 T skim Milk 1/8 tsp salt 1/4 c […]

5 Thanksgiving Paleo Healthy Recipes

5 Incredible Healthy Recipes for Turkey Day As a chef I enjoy eating food that is delicious and filling. But as a mom I know the importance of good nutrition and healthy choices; keeping that balance can be difficult especially during the holidays. As an alternative, these Thanksgiving Paleo recipes give me some of the comfort […]

Harvard Study Reveals Yoga’s Effects on the Brain

Yoga has successfully cultivated a reputation as a practice that improves flexibility, but do the benefits stop there? Sure doesn’t. Will yoga let you enjoy more than a looser stride, slacked shoulders, and a better-built backside? You bet. When you’re arranged on a soft blue yoga mat with your eyes closed and a measured breathing […]

5 Reasons to Register for a Turkey Trot this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and many people have already started planning their family traditions and the decadent feast for the year. Before you load up your plate, consider joining in with one of the many local races available on Thanksgiving morning in the community. Here are 5 reasons why you should get out […]

Holiday Guide – Find Gifts For All Your Favorite Athletes

Ring in a very sporty Holiday with cycling, running, crossfit, yoga, and lifestyle gifts! With all the sporting good stores where do you begin to find the best gifts? Click through these five pages of the holiday guide to see gifts for every athlete. CYCLING: Gifts geared to please any cyclist John is sporting lululemon. […]

How To Order Healthy Cocktails, And Not Crash Your Diet

With a little knowledge and some planning, you can enjoy healthy cocktails without packing on the pounds. In an effort to maintain balance in a healthy lifestyle, most of us will indulge in occasional cocktails here and there. But more often than not, we choose high-calorie drinks that can easily sabotage our efforts to stay […]

Three Tips That Will Help You Stick To Your Diet

Sticking to your diet can be incredibly difficult. We all start off with the purest of intentions but this usually does not last for long! It is hard to remain focused on the prize (be it weight loss or general health and fitness improvements). Here are some handy tips to help you remain committed to […]

3 Great Tips To Make Your Gym Workout More Enjoyable

It can be hard to stay committed to your fitness regimen throughout the year. With August marking the slow advance in to 2017, you’d be forgiven for feeling a slump in motivation. But that doesn’t mean you should give in to those feelings of apathy—far from it! Here are three effective tips to keep you […]