House of Flyte Aerial Yoga Studio

Founder and instructor of Naples’ own House of Flyte Aerial  Yoga Studio, Candice Kochenour shares the must-haves that keep her soaring high. With an intimidating daily routine that would make the most active person feel lazy, it’s a wonder Candice Kochenour ISN’T Wonder Woman. She starts every day at 5:30 a.m., managing her own marketing […]

What’s In The Bag? Training Gear From A Badass Wildland Firefighter

If you want to be tough like Jordan McKnight, you’ll need the right training gear. Okay, gear alone won’t make you awesome, but it’s a start. For Jordan McKnight, athleticism is crucial. Not just because it helps him pursue excellence in trail running and ultra-marathoning, but because it could also save his life. For the last […]

What’s In The Bag? Charla Goodnight’s Training Essentials For Mind And Body

Founder of Time Trial Cycle and avid cyclist Charla Goodnight shares the training must-haves that keep her mind and body in peak condition, 24/7. As founder and owner of Time Trial Cycle in Naples, Southwest Florida’s only indoor cycling studio, Charla Goodnight is passionate about nurturing community and “sharing the gift of health and fitness, regardless of […]

What’s In The Bag? Top 5 Mud Run Must-Haves

Known for his impressive mud run finishes and colorful personality, Team MudRunFun member Morgan Wright shows us how he makes running fun—and practical. “Whatever you do, find something fun about it!” That’s local mud runner Morgan Wright’s motto in sports and in life, and as someone whose post-race routine includes sporting a moose hat and kilt […]

What’s In The Bag? Top Cycling Must Haves

Matt McCain, local road cyclist and founder of Everyone Rides, tells us which gear essentials help him go the distance during grueling 100+ mile rides. Matt McCain’s love of cycling began at age 12 when he developed an affinity for BMX bikes. That affinity soon grew to a passion, and by the time he was […]

What’s In The Bag? 6 Triathlon Gear Essentials To Crush Your Next Race

Moxie Multisport team member and Ironman All World Athlete Mike Horn shares six triathlon gear must-haves that help him go the distance. When you talk to Mike Horn, it becomes obvious within minutes where his passion lies: in triathlons. Horn’s dedication to multisport races began just a few short years ago, when he started competing in […]

What’s In The Bag? Mud Run Gear That Plays Tough

A lifelong runner and age group athlete, Lance Sanson stepped up his athletic pursuits in 2007 when he decided to take on his first marathon. Once he conquered the marathon, road racing evolved into trail racing. When he learned he could race while battling mud and obstacles, trail racing quickly evolved into mud running. The […]

What’s In The Bag? BMX Phenom Michelle Huey Knows Good Gear

In BMX, when you’re the best, having the best matters. It’s hard to believe that Michelle Huey is only 18. When she talks about BMX, her intentions of turning pro and her dream of competing in Rio in 2016, she speaks with the wisdom of a much older athlete. But she’s barely an adult—and, even […]