This is a vegan, paleo twist on an Italian classic – you won’t even miss the cheese! This plant-based paleo pesto is a perfect topper for grilled meats, vegetables, salads, breads and even better, it can be made ahead of time.


1.5 cups basil leaves (discard thick stems)
6 tablespoons olive oil (more or less depending on what texture you like)
5 tablespoons pecans, cashews or pine nuts (I use pecans)
1 table spoon nutritional yeast
2 gloves garlic
2 teaspoons lemon juice
Sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper

If you are using pine nuts you can toast them slightly in a skillet. Place the basil leaves, nuts, garlic, yeast and lemon juice in a food processor. Once these are all roughly chopped, slowly add olive oil and blend until all ingredients are fully incorporated. Add salt and pepper to taste and enjoy!

Store in the fridge
Place the pesto in a jar and pour a little olive oil on top. The olive oil will keep the basil from browning.

Store in the freezer
Fill an ice cube tray for individual servings.

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