Try these four delicious recipes to reap the benefits.

Eating fish has long been known to be beneficial, but until now scientists didn’t understand how the nutrients in the protein-packed sea creatures worked to improve our health. Recently, researchers from the University of Eastern Finland confirmed that fatty fish, like salmon, rainbow trout, and herring, boost our health by increasing the number of high-density lipoproteins (the good type of cholesterol) in our blood that ward off cardiovascular disease. The researchers found that the study participants who increased their intake of fish to a minimum of 3-4 weekly meals had more HDL particles in their blood than study participants who ate fish less frequently. Lucky, for Floridians, there is no shortage of fresh, delicious fish in the area. Try some of these great recipes below to stay heart-healthy!

Asian Glazed Salmon, via

glazed salmon

Yellowfin Tuna Salad

yellowfin tuna recipe


Pan-Roasted Trout with Tomatoes and Herbed Olive Oil, via 


Grilled Mustard Herring,


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