Easy Cherry Tomato Dishes: 4 Fast, Delicious Ideas

I say tomato, you say…let’s just get food in our stomachs already, folks. Pick up a bag-full at the farmers market recently or a basket at the grocery store? ‘Tis the season! Here are five fast and fantastic appetizer ideas from healthy chefs for that batch of cherry tomatoes perched on your counter that will […]

How to Get Those Arms: Top Fitness Secrets from Madonna’s Trainer

When last month I decided to join FitReserve, a multi-studio fitness membership that had me jumping on trampolines and swinging on monkey bars,  I had one goal, and one goal alone. No, not getting rock hard abs. And nope, not even making it through an hour long HIIT class without collapsing. (Though both of those […]

Volleyball Star Gabrielle Reece Shares Her Summer Health and Fitness Secrets

Gabrielle Reece made a splash this year in The ESPN Magazine’s annual Body Issue, and it’s no wonder: the pro-volleyball player, sports announcer, model, and actress has one killer body (not to mention some serious mental strength). We spoke with Reece about her tips for staying active, reaching for healthy foods, and prioritizing self-care. Finally […]