Giro Empire ACC Cycling Shoes Review

Fact: I haven’t owned a pair of cycling shoes with laces yet this century. … Okay, so it’s only 2015. But this is the future, after all. I should have shoes that are remote-controlled, that magically...
KitBrix Cycle Bag Fit-Nation

We’re Crazy For KitBrix Gear Bags!

Forget what's in the bag. Thanks to KitBrix, it's the bag itself that's taking center stage. Disposable, ugly, stinky. If these are the adjectives you use to describe your gym bag, then let us introduce you...
Alto CC40 Wheeks Fit Nation

The Alto CC40: Ahead Of The Competition

Typically, a wheel that tries to do too much ends up not doing much of anything. The exception is the Alto CC40. What do I want in a wheel? Easy.  It needs to be light, stiff, fast, and great in a...
Oakley Jawbreakers Fit Nation

Oakley Jawbreakers: Worth The Splurge?

The distinctive and popular Oakley Jawbreakers are seemingly everywhere, but are they worth the hefty price tag? Over the past decade, I’ve only worn two different styles of glasses, both Oakley, both now...
scott helmet
3.8Scott Arx Plus

This Cycling Helmet May Save Your Life!

Inever wanted to think about how well my helmet would fare in a real life crash situation.  Frankly, I didn’t like the idea that a crash would involve my head.  Statistical probability.  If you ride...

Everyone Rides, Everyone Gives a Little!

When you’re a kid, your world is only as big as your feet will carry you. Growing up in the late ‘70s in a middle class Los Angeles suburb, you were basically issued a bike at 4 or 5 years old. In an era...

How To Survive A Road Bike Crash

Get in your car, accelerate to 30 miles per hour, strip down to your underwear, open the door, and jump out, That’s how crashing a road bike has been described to me, and I can tell you from experience that...