Are You Wearing the Best CrossFit Shoes?

As any seasoned CrossFitter will tell you, the workout is all about form. Maintaining proper form not only decreases the likelihood of injuries, it also increases the quality of a workout and promotes training progress—and proper footwear plays an essential part in preserving form during a workout. Choosing the best CrossFit shoes can be especially challenging, […]

Review: Motion Geek Video Analysis

The nerdiest (and maybe most strategic) way to improve your running. Motion Geek Video Analysis offers a full-body analysis of your running form, and suggests exercises, drills, and even shoes to help improve your exercise regimen. The requirements for the service are relatively easy: register with the site, create six videos on your phone, upload them, […]

Good Habits Die Hard: Triathlete Sarah Piampiano Discusses Motivation, Perseverance, and Balance

Sarah Piampiano is a woman on a mission: she wants to inspire people to break bad habits and replace them with good ones. This is an area that the professional athlete has personal experience in, as she committed to her first triathlon over a pack of cigarettes and too many drinks in 2009. Taking a […]