Body Envy: 4 Ways To Tame The Green-Eyed Monster

Body envy can wreak havoc on motivation and self esteem but a few small shifts can get you back in the game. We’ve all felt it: that sense of disappointment with our bodies when we see perfect ones at the gym, in the pages of a magazine, a commercial or a photo on social media. […]

6 Secrets To Relieve Stress This Holiday Season

Avoid the stress of the season by treating the holidays like you would any athletic pursuit. First, get a game plan. It’s the most wonderful time of the year — the holidays, of course! Rich in beloved tradition, wonderful connections between family and friends, and, of course, celebration, everyone’s favorite season can also be the […]

4 Steps To Recover From Any Injury

Mentally recouping from an injury can sometimes be more challenging than physical recovery. We’ve got some surefire strategies to help you cope. You’ve got everything going in your favor. You’re getting better, faster, stronger — consistently winning. Then, the unthinkable happens. You get injured. Now, you’re suddenly faced with a myriad of new physical challenges […]

How to Play Nice in a Competitive Relationship

You train together, play together, and build a life together. But when does competition stop being friendly and start becoming harmful to a relationship? Successful athletes can be described in many ways: fiercely determined, driven, competitive, smart, independent, and possessing an inherent love of winning. So what happens when two highly driven, world-class athletes fall […]

The Athlete’s Heart – A Conversation With Mary Carillo

The famed Grand Slam winner and lauded sports analyst, Mary Carillo, sits down with our own Kathy Feinstein to talk tennis, athletic fortitude, and which of today’s best players have a winning mental edge. I began my chat with Mary Carillo feeling pretty starstruck. The feeling was justified—not only is she a world-renowned tennis player […]

How to Overcome Sport Performance Anxiety With 8 tips

When I think of performance anxiety, I remember watching golfing sensation Rory McIlroy in his first appearance at the Masters Tournament in 2009 — and then seeing his fourth-round game disintegrate, taking him down from a four-stroke lead to a tied-for-15th finish. In a post-tournament interview, McIlroy remarked on the weakness of his mental game […]