Missed Workouts? Here’s How To Get Back On Track.

always miss a lot of workouts this time of year, and when I do, I start feeling bad about myself. How can I get back on track? Americans are obsessed with diets, training plans and schedules. We are indoctrinated at a young age to follow programs and calendars. Don’t get me wrong, consistency and structure […]

Want to kiteboard? Run a mud run? Dive with sharks? Conquer Your Fear This Summer!

Jill Wheeler Shows You How To Try Anything (Safely) Q: I have always played it safe in life, but I want to be more adventurous. How do I try new things without worrying about hurting myself or looking stupid? A: Your attitude is the key to living an adventurous life. Consider this John A. Shedd […]

Beat Post Race Burnout With a Few Easy Tips

Jill Wheeler of the Wellfit Institute Gives Easy Solutions for Keeping your Head In The Game All Year Round. Q: “I just finished my goal race and now I don’t really feel like doing anything. How can I start feeling jazzed about training again?” A: Congratulations! You completed your goal race! Arduous hours of dedicated […]

6 Reasons to do Yoga with Your Kids

You’ve heard the old adage that a family that prays together stays together. I would extend that to say plays together, sweats together, does yoga together…you get the idea. The more we model healthy habits, the more comfortable, more confident and willing our children are to follow in those footsteps. Children really do want to […]

10 Healthy Activities for You and Your Kids

The following healthy activities all have some things in common: they are nature-based, active and good for the mind, body and spirit! Here are some of my favorite things to do with my children in Southwest Florida. Eat right. Food & Thought is an organic general store, grocery and café in Naples. You will receive […]

Mountains as Metaphors: Seven Secrets to Climbing the Summits in Your Life

“In the mountain of truth, one never climbs in vain, you either reach a higher step today or exercise your strength to climb higher tomorrow.” –Nietzsche It seems a fitting time for me to be reflecting about mountains, as I spend a large portion of my summer in Colorado, with the backdrop of the Rockies […]

Ready. Set. ADVENTURE Travel with Kids

Are you cut out for adventure travel with your kids? I mean off-the-beaten path, beyond the all-inclusive resort vacation. Have you considered renting a house and immersing yourselves in the language, cuisine and customs of a different culture? What about boosting your adrenaline with sports that get you up close and personal with nature’s waves, […]

Seven Mindful Steps to Achievement

Whether you are training for a race, practicing yoga or maintaining your ideal weight, what you think about affects your performance. Here are some tried and true steps to success that will connect your mind with your physical efforts for long lasting results. What do all successful people have in common? EVERY one of them […]