Being An Athlete And A Mom: How To Do It All

How do you do it all? It’s the million-dollar question for all women out there trying to raise children, have careers (and sometimes that career is raising children), exercise (and possibly even compete in your sport), put healthy meals on the family table, keep their marriage afloat, get eight hours of sleep, and manage to […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: The Birth

After the birth of my first child, I took five months off work, and when I returned, my job had turned upside down. Out of fear of anything else changing, I decided to only take three months off after my son’s birth. Under the Family Medical Leave Act, nothing could legally change about my employment […]

Bike to Bust Childhood Bullying

Grab your bike and take a ride for the kids against bullying! An inaugural 40-mile community cycling event, Bicycle Bully Buster, is taking aim at childhood bullying by rallying state legislators and novice to advanced riders on Saturday November 15. The organizers chose cycling as the way to raise awareness about the issue of childhood bullying […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: The Taper

Our blogger’s last post before the baby arrives! So the taper is officially on. By “taper” I mean, forced rest and sedation due to high Florida temperatures and the ginormous size of my belly. Tapering for endurance sport athletes can be harder than their toughest week of training. The final week of pregnancy is no […]

Get Fit with the Right Gear

Our go-to list for the best get fit gadgets The Torch T1 Bike Helmet – $140 The Torch T1 bike helmet has 10 integrated LED lights on both the front and the back of the helmet, making it ideal for nighttime neighborhood cruising. You’ll still need a bike light—which is required by Florida law—but this […]

It Takes Two…To Get Through A Pregnancy!

Turns out being knocked up is hard on your man, too. When I sat down to interview my husband for this blog I was miserably uncomfortable. I was experiencing horrible waves of nausea, and craving peanut butter cup ice cream, all while feeling somewhat like a bloated gorilla. Yet, I had to push through the […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: I’m Sad. Now I’m Happy. Now I’m Crying!

When you’re pregnant, each doctor’s visit is a total emotional roller coaster. Triathletes know that race day is always a day with more than its fair share of emotions. You get that combination of being utterly terrified and overly excited all wrapped up into one gut-wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach! Well, when […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: Who’s Counting? I am!

131 Days To Go! I have (barely) made it through 142 days of pregnancy and I (insert sarcastic “only”) have 131 to go, but who’s counting!? Well, actually, I am! I count everyday. That’s what triathletes do; we count. We count miles, minutes and seconds and days and races and ounces of water and drops […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: Better Together

Triathlon Friends Make the Best Pregnancy Friends Too! No matter what I encounter in my life, it’s always wonderful when someone else is experiencing something similar. Having the chance to share my feelings and having someone else give me that “oh-I-totally-know-what-you’re-talking-about” nod can be so comforting! That’s when true bonds of friendships are born. I […]

The Three Trimester Triathlete: Eat, Sleep, Pee: Why Triathlons and Pregnancy are Shockingly Similar

Except instead of a sprint to the finish line, pregnancy ends with a frantic dash to the hospital! Recently I’ve realized that successfully navigating a pregnancy is really similar to successfully navigating a triathlon. Just like a race, there’s a set start and end date that you work towards in your training. And also like a […]