Corn in the USA: July 4th Farmers Market Essentials

In order to get the low-down on seasonal produce perfect for our Independence Day cookouts, we caught up with a few farmer’s market professionals who know better than anyone what’s fresh and delicious in Southwest Florida this time of year. Jann’s Produce First, we spoke with Jann Hoskins of Jann’s Produce, who has been selling at […]

Mental Athletes and Their Vegan Diets

Mental Athletes and Their Vegan Diets Everyone knows that physical athletes need the right balance of protein, good fats and vitamins to perform at the highest level, but what about those superstars who work more with their brain than their body? What type of diet do they need to succeed? As you might imagine, it’s not […]

Coffee Break Stretches That Work Your Abs, Glutes, and Quads

2 New Ways to Get Your Ass in Gear While You Wait for Your Latte to Cool Many of us can’t make it to the gym every day of our lives. But we can usually make time for a coffee break. Put yours to good use with these strengthening coffee break stretches. We checked in with New […]

McLaughlin & Delsing – Waterfront Realty Group, Inc.

Hard work pays off in every aspect. We believe that a successful business is not just about analytics, but also the principles and services driving those who built it. Success is an ambitious word — when most think of success, they think of exotic cars, lavish vacations, and beautiful homes. By these standards, material possessions […]