New Documentary ‘Plant Pure Nation’ To Screen In Fort Myers

Fit Nation is thrilled to announce that the documentary film Plant Pure Nation will be screening in Ft. Myers on July 23rd. The film comes from the same production team that  created Forks Over Knives, and continues the eye-opening story. The film will be playing at the Bell Tower’s Regal Movie Theatre at 8 pm, and you can […]

Vegan Chilled Tomato Soup with Guacamole Recipe

A healthy, cool way to cure your craving for chips with salsa and guac This elegant, naturally vegan soup is a perfect way to highlight fresh produce from the farmer’s market, starring tomatoes, red bell peppers, and jalapeños, as well as plenty of fresh herbs. This fresh, spicy take on gazpacho will make an excellent […]

Grilled Sesame Ginger Vegetable Couscous

Cooking indoors when it’s this hot out is pure insanity. This healthful, delicious recipe, courtesy of Pereg Gourmet, is the perfect summer meal: it heats up your kitchen a minimal amount (a little stove top work is required). Plus, this vegetable couscous is bright, flavorful, and takes advantage of seasonal vegetables. You can replace the couscous […]

Run Walk Bike: Cee Me Safety Vest

Apparel – Reflective Safety Vest It was a gloomy January night in Southwest Florida as Paul Krieger made his way home in the rain. Driving cautiously, he suddenly realized the flash of light in front of him was the reflective spot on someone’s tennis shoes. Fortunately, Paul zigged and the runner zagged. While he avoided […]