Can Yoga Improve Serious Health Conditions?

Recently scientists have begun to test yoga’s effect on numerous ailments and diseases, and the results have been pretty impressive.  Getting your om-on may help improve these five conditions. It is common knowledge that yoga boosts relaxation and flexibility, but its benefits extend far beyond reaching a deep state of Zen and creating a bendy […]

5 Healthy Recipes to Cook With Your Kids

Getting kids to eat healthy foods doesn’t have to be a challenge. The solution is simple: Pick up an apron and take your tot to the kitchen. Studies show that children are more likely to eat healthy fare, like fruits and veggies when they help prepare it, found a 2008 report by Real Kids Alberta. Cooking with […]

5 Surprising Foods that Slash Stress

These surprising snacks help reduce holiday-time stress so you can actually enjoy the season. Stress majorly influences appetite. While some react to anxiety by overindulging on goodies, others lose their desire to eat all together. No matter which category you fall under, eating certain foods can boost the production of feel-good hormones, instantly making you […]

4 Ways to Make It Your Happiest Year Yet

HERE’S TO YOUR HAPPIEST YEAR YET With the New Year quickly approaching, you may be thinking about how to make the upcoming year your happiest year yet. While losing weight and kicking a cigarette habit are great resolutions, why not vow to improve your happiness? Everyone wants to be happy, and having a smile on […]