Eating Less Animal Protein May Save Your Life

Editor’s note: At Fit Nation Magazine, we believe in representing all sides of an issue. We do not promote any particular diets or fitness plans, and our authors’ opinions are their own. This is a controversial topic, but I am a strong proponent of giving up meat and dairy and focusing on a more vegan/vegetarian […]

9 Reasons Sex Makes Everything Better…Especially Your Health

Coitus, making love, intercourse, getting it on, knocking boots, fornication, shagging…there are literally hundreds of ways to say sex. While the mere mention of that intimidating word can elicit a range of responses and emotions, sex in our culture is often looked upon as a taboo and forbidden subject that shouldn’t be discussed—despite being the cause […]

Plant Protein, Alkaline Diets, and the Carnivore’s Lie

America, we are raised on meat, potatoes, and milk. We never knew any better: those foods were supposed to make us big and strong, and keep our bones and teeth healthy. Now contrary to popular belief, we have begun to examine why a plant-based diet can not only prevent disease states, but reverse them. In […]

Exercise While You Rest with the CVAC Pod  

The CVAC pod may look like it came from space, but it’s actually a breakthrough conditioning technology right here on planet Earth. As an integrative physician, health nut, and athlete, I am always searching for natural modalities to boost wellness and fitness. A few months prior to opening my integrative practice, I discovered some information concerning a device called the CVAC pod. Aside from looking like it may transport me […]

Achieve Total Wellness Through Hormone Balance

Whenever I approach the topic of general wellness with patients, I stress the importance of being proactive and preventative. In my past life as a traditional general practitioner, I felt suffocated and restricted with insurance and standard healthcare. That type of medicine waits for the person to fall ill, then scrambles to treat the symptom, […]

Micronutrient Deficiency: How We Are Overfed and Undernourished

Americans are overwhelmed with food options, but sadly, most of them aren’t great for us: we are often led to processed, preserved, and fast foods. Although a lot of these foods feel like they’re time-saving, we tend to ignore much healthier choices that are often just as convenient. Many of the food and drinks we […]

IV Vitamin Therapy: A Healthy Shortcut To Higher Energy

You may have heard of intravenous (IV) vitamin therapy as one of the latest celebrity fads. Remember when Rihanna was spotted utilizing an IV drip after a late night of partying? Well, if it takes a celebrity to shed light on this awesome therapy, you won’t hear me complaining. As an integrative physician, my goal […]

Sex, Sleep, And Snacks: How Yoga Improves Your Favorite Things

Yoga literally means “union” in Sanskrit, a harmonizing of the mind, body, and spirit. This ancient practice is inextricably tied to the Ayurvedic primitive pillars of life: food, sleep and sex. In Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science, which is devoted to balancing the mind and body), it is believed that people who manage these three pillars […]