How Do You Choose A Good Coach?

A good coach is born, not made. Here’s how to know if you have one.  I rolled up on my brand new bike, my tags-just-removed spandex shorts giving off the distinct smell of newb. “Hi, I’m here to join the cycling team,” I said. Six of my fellow university classmates blinked blankly back at me. […]

Looking For An Athletically Minded Charities?

Put your money where your muscle is by giving to one of these charities this holiday season. Sports give so much to our lives—from giving us goals to pursue to training partners to giggle with and even granting us that un-replicable feeling of hitting a PR. In return, it asks for nothing but a bit […]

SWFL’s 2014 Rising High School Sports Stars

Who to watch this year as local high school sports heat up It’s dark and humid as a small group gathers on the track. Even though it’s not yet 7 a.m., it’s already almost 90-degrees. Still, no one complains. The teens set down their water bottles and begin a slow trot around the oval. Their […]

Will Cycling In Southwest Florida Ever Be Safe?

Tempers are at an all-time high, here’s what you need to know when cycling It all started innocently enough. Local photographer and cyclist Erik Kellar was cycling with his usual Tuesday morning group. He’d pulled off to the side of the road to help a fellow rider with a mechanical issue. As the group pulled away, […]

Is Open Water Swimming Safe?

 Just when you thought it was safe to get in the water… Two years ago, the Park-to-Pier swim was over almost as soon as it started.  The day began innocently enough. Athletes lined the water’s edge as they made last minute goggle adjustments and the warm sun rose over the Gulf of Mexico. The air […]

Will The Next UFC Champion Come From Naples?

Naples MMA athlete Mike King is fighting his way to the top. There’s no shortage of drama in the video trailer for the 2014 season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” Fists meeting faces in glorious slow motion as a choir sings something with gothic overtones in the background. Meanwhile the occasional, well-placed splatter of blood reminds […]

The Hardest Free Workout You’ll Ever Do

If The Gordon Pass Challenge Doesn’t Get You Ripped, Nothing Will. If you’ve ever been out on Naples Beach and seen a herd of super-fit humans hurdling by, you’ve probably just witnessed the Gordon Pass Challenge (GPC). Created by friends Simon Tracy and Paul Neils, this free-for-all workout challenges participants to use the beach as […]

15 Reasons We Love Southwest Florida

Seriously, it’s time to get outside! This year, Chicago had its third-snowiest year in recorded history. After almost a week of warm spring weather, on April 16th, New Englanders woke up to snow. And Virginia public schools had so many snow days it was decided that in order to make up the time, schools should […]

Local Cyclist Rescues Baby Opossums

Naples woman brings little critters on board her bicycle and saves their lives.   Tish Kelly was just riding home after Monday morning’s Naples Velo ride when a recently killed opossum caught her eye. “I have always check road kill to see if they are really dead or if there are any sign of babies […]